Neue Samsung-Audiosysteme mit 360 Grad-Sound auf der CES

Samsung WAM7500

Samsung WAM 7500

Samsung stellt auf der CES 2015 mehrere neue Lautsprecher-Systeme mit unkonventionellem Design-Konzept vor. Die WAM7500/6500-Lautsprecher strahlen ihren Klang mit 360°-Charakteristik in alle Richtungen aus und sollen dadurch besonders räumlich klingen. Die WAM7500-Lautsprecher sind als Standlautsprecher konzipiert während das WAM6500-Modell über einen integrierten Akku verfügt und somit auch mobil einsetzbar ist. Beide Lautsprecher lassen sich mit Fernsehern oder Smartphones verbinden und auch zur Ergänzung mit Soundbars nutzen.

Auf der CES werden auch die drei neuen Samsung "Curved Soundbars" der 8500, 6500 und 6000-Serie präsentiert, die dann mit der vorhandenen 7500er-Serie für Samsung Curved-Fernseher eine Breite von 45 bis 78 Zoll abdecken.

Bei der 8500er-Serie integriert Samsung ein virtuelles 9-1-Soundsystem mit einem zentralen Lautsprecher und zusätzlichen Lautsprechern am Rand der Soundbar.

Die neuen Samsung Lautsprecher werden auf der CES vorgestellt und voraussichtlich im Frühjahr 2015 in den Handel kommen.

Samsung WAM6500

Samsung WAM 6500

Press Release

Samsung Electronics announced a range of new audio products to be launched at 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, including the WAM7500/6500 and an expanded lineup of Curved Soundbars.
WAM7500/6500 is a new concept for Samsung providing a rich-bodied sound experience no matter where you are in relation to the product. Unlike conventional speakers that project sound in a single direction, the WAM7500/6500 fills entire rooms with sound.
This breakthrough in approach to audio came through the utilization of proprietary ‘Ring Radiator’ technology which allows sound to flow in a 360-degree radius, with the perfect balance between treble and bass.
“We know how much people love music and that’s why we are expanding our portfolio to bring high-quality, wireless audio into the home,” said Jurack Chae, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics. “With the new WAM7500/6500 people can enjoy a vibrant sound wherever they are, while our new Curved Soundbars perfectly complement the TV viewing experience.”
WAM7500/6500 was in part developed at Samsung’s new state-of-the-art audio lab in Valencia, California and uses premium materials across the exterior of the speakers, allowing it to stylishly blend in with any home décor. It will be released in two models; Stand-type(WAM7500) and Movable-type(WAM6500).


Stand-type offers a stylish build paired with premium sound quality. Movable-type comes with a built-in battery so listeners can enjoy the best sound quality available whether they are at home or out and about. Both models seamlessly connect to TVs, soundbars and mobile devices.
Samsung also plans to unveil the world’s first TV matching Curved Soundbar lineup, which has been expanded since its introduction in mid-2014. In addition to the 7500 series, Samsung will release the 8500, 6500 and 6000 series, extending the lineup to a total of four that optimally match Samsung’s Curved TVs of various sizes¾from 45- to 78-inches.
The newly-introduced 8500 series will also offer enhanced sound quality with its 9.1 channel speakers, thanks to a central speaker and additional side speakers situated at both ends. This will further intensify the immersive experience of the Samsung Curved TV by delivering a wider sense of surround-sound for the user.
These products, and more, will be officially unveiled during CES 2015.

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