DTS stellt "DTS HD Layered" für Streaming mit adaptiver Bitrate vor

DTS präsentiert mit "DTS HD Layered" ein neues Verfahren für das Audio-Streaming mit adaptiver Bitrate. Profitieren sollen davon vor allem die Anbieter von Audio-Streaming-Diensten, die mit "DTS HD Layered" Audio-Streams mit unterschiedlichen Qualitätsstufen mit einem einzigen Encoder-Durchlauf erzeugen können. Das Verfahren soll weniger Speicherplatz als bisherige Verfahren mit adaptiver Bitrate erfordern und auch für Live-Streaming genutzt werden können. DTS präsentiert "DTS HD Layered" derzeit zusammen mit einigen Partnern auf der Broadcasting-Messe NAB. Ab wann das Verfahren in ersten Diensten kommerziell zum Einsatz kommen wird, ist noch nicht bekannt.


CALABASAS, Calif. (April 8, 2013) – DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio solutions and audio enhancement technologies today announced the launch of its new DTS-HD® Layered Audio technology, designed to enable online media services to offer adaptive bit rate audio streaming from a single encode. DTS-HD Layered Audio utilizes advanced features of the DTS-HD codec to create and efficiently store adaptive bit rate audio streams from a single encode, allowing online media services to better accommodate the challenging network conditions of over-the-top (OTT) broadband video streaming and deliver a better consumer experience.  DTS will be demonstrating this technology in conjunction with partners Manzanita Systems, Unified Streaming and castLabs, streaming in MPEG-DASH at the DTS booth at NAB 2013 (SU8514).
Manzanita Systems (NAB booth SU6908) was the first to integrate DTS-HD Layered Audio into their Manzanita MP4 Multiplexer (MP4Mux v2.0) to be released in May. "Manzanita Systems is excited to incorporate DTS' latest technology for enabling high efficiency adaptive bit rate audio for our customers," said CEO, Greg Vines.  "DTS-HD Layered Audio allows services to stream using adaptive bit rate audio at almost no additional storage cost over a single encode—a great benefit for today's challenging network environments."

Unified Streaming has implemented support for DTS-HD Layered Audio in their Unified Streaming Platform (USP), which provides real-time transmuxing (changing the container format) to enable a single source to feed output to a wide range of different streaming formats.  The USP was released at the end of Q1 2013. "DTS-HD Layered Audio is a unique and innovative approach to enabling adaptive bit rate audio streaming from a single encode with minimal overhead," said Arjen Wagenaar, CTO of Unified Streaming.  "Such a simple, elegant solution was an obvious fit for our products, whose primary purpose is to easily deliver adaptive streaming to any screen, any device from a single source."

"We designed our Layered Audio technology with bandwidth limitations, server resource efficiency and consumer enjoyment in mind," said Mark Johnson, vice president of streaming and media solutions, DTS Inc. "Our goal at DTS is to deliver the best quality, immersive audio experience possible. DTS-HD Layered Audio helps enable this under some of the most challenging broadband conditions in a manner that is both efficient and cost effective, and it fully works with our suite of existing DTS-HD encoders and decoders."

Benefits of DTS-HD Layered Audio include:

  • Enables adaptive bit rate audio streaming at almost no additional cost from a single encode
  • Ideal for live streaming, eliminating the need to time align multiple encodes of the same track at various bitrates
  • Smaller storage footprint compared to traditional adaptive bitrate audio solutions

DTS' Layered Audio Demonstration at NAB (Booth SU8514) includes:

  • Content prepared by Manzanita Systems' MP4 Multiplexer (MP4Mux) including DTS-HD Layered Audio streams
  • Unified Streaming's USP performing dynamic transformation of DTS-HD Layered Audio content and delivering it in MPEG-DASH streaming format
  • castLabs MPEG-DASH player with DTS-HD Layered Audio support playing the content in real-time and providing user-selectable switching between the adaptive bit rate audio streams so users can experience, first-hand, the capability of DTS-HD Layered Audio

To learn more about DTS-HD Layered Audio for today's advanced streaming formats, please visit DTS at NAB 2013, taking place April 6-11, 2013 in Las Vegas – booth #SU8514, or view the white paper on the web at

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