Panasonic dreht Olympia-Eröffnung in 4k

Pansonic hat angekündigt, die Eröffnungsfeier zu den Olympischen Winterspielen in Sochi in 4k aufzeichnen. Panasonic ist offizieller Olympia-Ausstatter und liefert umfangreiches Produktions-Equipment für die Winterspiele. Ebenso gehören aber auch großformatige Displays und Sicherheits-Kameras zur Ausstattung am Austragungsort. Die 4k-Aufzeichnung dürfte zunächst vor allem als Technik-Demonstration dienen. Ob diese dann auch später in 4k zumindest für Panasonic-Kunden verfügbar gemacht wird, ist noch nicht bekannt.

Press Release

Panasonic Corporation, the worldwide TOP*1 sponsor in the audio visual (AV) equipment category, today announced it has delivered its state-of-the-art AV equipment, such as its Full HD visual equipment, to the 22nd Olympic Winter Games to be held in Sochi, Russia from February 7 to 23, 2014 (Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games). Panasonic will cooperate with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Sochi Olympic Organizing Committee and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), to provide strong support to the operation of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

Panasonic has supplied a large amount of equipment to the competition venues and the Olympic related facilities in a variety of AV product areas, including LED large screen displays, audio systems, broadcasting equipment, projectors, VIERA TVs and HD visual communication equipment. Among these, Panasonic's supply of security cameras to the Sochi Olympic Winter Games is the largest in the history of the Olympic Games, and the supply of LED large screen displays is the largest ever by area in the Olympic Winter Games.

In addition, in a new endeavor for the company, Panasonic will record the opening ceremony to be held in the Olympic Park in 4K with the cooperation of the IOC and OBS, which will be used as the company's own video production materials.

To realize the company's concept of "Sharing the Passion" through supplying equipment and its sponsorship activities, Panasonic, with its advanced broadcasting technologies, will deliver the passion, tension and excitement of world's top athletes as well as the emotion brought on by their performances not only to the competition venues, but to viewers around the globe.


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