Pioneer kehrt als TV-Marke zurück (Update)

Fernseher mit dem Marken-Namen "Pioneer" wird es schon bald wieder zumindest in einigen Ländern Europas zu kaufen geben: Die britische Handelskette Dixons hat die exklusiven Rechte für Entwicklung, Herstellung und Verkauf von Pioneer-Fernsehern erworben.

Die Rückkehr der Kuro-Plasmas ist damit allerdings nicht verbunden: Stattdessen werden Flachbildschirme mit LCD/LED-Technik angeboten.

Bereits ab Dezember 2013 sollen erste Pioneer-TVs in Skandinavien und später auch in England verkauft werden. Geplant sind zunächst Full HD-Fernseher mit Bilddiagonalen von 40, 46 und 55 Zoll. Die Geräte sollen u.a. mit 3D, Smart-TV-Features, drei HDMI-Schnittstellen, 3 x USB und Drahtlos-Anschluss ausgestattet sein.

Update: Pioneer ist selbst nach eigener Aussage nicht an der Entwicklung der Geräte beteiligt, die voraussichtlich auch nicht offiziell in den deutschen Handel kommen werden.

Press Release

London [10/10 November 2013]: Dixons Retail plc, Europe’s leading multi-channel specialist electrical retailer and services company, today announces it has signed an exclusive agreement with Pioneer. Under the partnership, Dixons Retail has been granted the exclusive rights to source, develop, produce and sell Pioneer TVs in selected European markets.

This marks the return of Pioneer into the European TV market, with the first new product launch in five years. The roll-out of the launch will see Pioneer TVs sold in the Nordic region from December 2013, with an aspiration to extend into the UK market in future.

The partnership with Pioneer has been developed by Dixons Retail’s Exclusive Brand sourcing business in Hong Kong, where it has extensive experience and has built a strong market reputation for innovation, efficiency, quality and the global scale of its sourcing operation. It is further testament to the market leading positions Dixons Retail holds in its core European markets and is reflective of the company’s clear focus on end-to-end customer service.

Dixons Retail’s suppliers recognise the value that Currys & PC World colleagues bring to their products, through knowledgeable demonstrations in exciting retail environments and see the clear customers benefits provided through expert advice, complete delivery, installation and repair solutions and above all, fantastic value. As a result, our suppliers work with us to develop great customer deals and sell products on an exclusive basis, allowing us to offer a truly a unique product range to our customers, both in-store and online – today’s partnership agreement with Pioneer is another example of this and an important step forward in Dixons Retail’s unique customer offering.

Sebastian James, Dixons Retail Group Chief Executive said: “We are very excited to be working with Pioneer, a legendary brand in the world of technology, on its return to the European TV market. Today’s partnership reflects our reputation for excellence which we have worked hard to build during the last 40 years we have been operating in Hong Kong. This exclusive partnership is fantastic news, allowing us to offer the newest and latest TV technologies to our customers.”

Yoshihide Beppu, Business Planning Director of Pioneer Home Electronics Corporation said: “We’re delighted to collaborate with Dixons Retail. With our unparalleled reputation for cutting edge technology and sophisticated designs, we know these technologically advanced high-end TVs have a unique place within the market. Our decision to work with Dixons Retail was a natural one, as we highly value their clear customer focus, market leading positions and innovative approach to retailing. With their highly respectful approach to the premium positioning of the Pioneer brand, alongside our loyal customer base, we believe this is a winning combination and we’re excited to watch these new products transport customers in to a world of fun, entertainment and interactivity.”


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