USA: "Tron" & "Tron: Legacy" ab April auf Blu-ray Disc?

Disney veröffentlicht voraussichtlich am 5. April "Tron: Legacy" zusammen mit dem Klassiker "Tron" aus dem Jahre 1982 auf Blu-ray Disc. Das ist einer Produktankündigung bei zu entnehmen. Demzufolge plant Disney ein 5 Disc-Set zur Veröffentlichung auf Blu-ray Disc. Dieses soll neben "Tron" noch "Tron: Legacy" sowohl in der 3D als auch 2D-Version auf Blu-ray Disc und DVD sowie eine "Digital Copy" enthalten. Von diesem 5 Disc-Set ist auch eine "Limited Edition" in einer Sonderverpackung geplant. Die 2D-Versionen von "Tron" und "Tron: Legacy" sollen auch einzeln jeweils als 2 Disc Blu-ray Disc/DVD-Combo-Set veröffentlicht werden. Zu den geplanten Extras auf den Blu-ray Discs hat amazon auch bereits einige Informationen veröffentlicht. Die Extras für "TRON" werden demnach zu einem Teil von der bereits erhältlichen DVD übernommen.

Disney selbst hat noch keine Angaben zur Veröffentlichung gemacht. In Deutschland soll die Erstauflage von "Tron: Legacy" laut voraussichtlich als 3D/2D-Combo im Steelbook veröffentlicht werden.

Special Features "Tron: Legacy 5 Disc Set" laut

• First Look at TRON: Uprising, the Disney XD animated series
• Visualizing TRON - How did the filmmakers bring to life the gorgeous world inside the GRID?
• Installing the cast - Hear from all the stars of TRON: Legacy and their experience in making the movie
• The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed [BD Exclusive - Interactive bonus piece] - What happens immediately following the end of the movie? What is Flynn Lives and who is responsible for their efforts?
• TRON: Disney Second Screen [BD Exclusive - Interactive bonus piece] - Using your iPad or computer, watch the movie with exclusive interactive elements available on your 2nd screen
• Launching the Legacy - Beyond the amazing visuals is a rich story filled with an entire world's history and mythology. Discover how the writers and filmmakers created this complex fiction
• Disc Roars - Watch director Joseph Kosinski use the raucous crowd at Comic-Con to record actual ADR for the disc game stadium crowd
• Music video - "Derezzed" written, produced, and performed by Daft Punk

Special Features "Tron - The Orginal Classic" laut

- [All new] Photo Tronology: Join director Steven Lisberger and his son, Carl Lisberger, on a personal journey to Disney's photo library and hear anecdotes and intimate stories from Steven as they uncover the original production photos and materials taken during the making of TRO
• [All New] The TRON Phenomenon
Since its original release in 1982, TRON became an instant classic with a cult fan base. Explore the reasoning by this phenomenon, its impact on pop culture, and its resurgence with the release of TRON: Legacy, featuring interviews with the filmmakers and stars from the new movie (On Disc 1)
• Audio Commentary (from existing release)
With director Steven Lisberger, producer Donald Kushner, associate producer and visual effects supervisor Harrison Ellenshaw and visual effects supervisor Richard Taylor (On Disc 1)
• The Making of Tron (from existing release)
Includes interviews with cast members Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Cyndi Morgan, Bernard Hughes, Daniel Shore, and David Warner. New Interviews with writer/director Steven Lisberger, Richard Taylor, Harrison Ellenshaw, Donald Kushner, and other key production personnel
• Development (from existing release)
o Early development of TRON
o Early Lisberger Studios animation
o Early concept art and background concepts
o "Computers Are People Too"
o Early video tests text card
• Digital Imagery (from existing release)
o Backlight animation
o Digital imagery in Tron
o "Beyond Tron"
o Role of Triple I
o Triple I demo
• Music (existing release)
o Lightcycle scene with alternate Carlos music tracks text card
o End credits with original Carlos
• Publicty (existing release)
o Trailers
o Nato, work in progress, 1, 2, 3, & 4
o Production photos
o Publicity and merchandising
• Deleted Scenes (existing release)
o Introduction by writer/director Steven Lisberger
o Tron And Yori's love scene
o Tron And Yori's love scene #2
o Alternate opening prologue
• Design (existing release)
o Introduction to design by writer/director Steven Lisberger
o The programs - Flynn, Yori, Sark, The Bit, Guard, Tron, Dumont, MCP, Video Warrior, Misc
o The vehicles
o Lightcycles:
• Syd Mead discusses lightcycle design
• Magi animation tests
• Lightcycle designs
o Recognizer:
• Recongizer designs
• Space Paranoids video game
• Space Paranoids video game
o Tank
o Sark's Carrier
o Solar
o Sailor
o The Electronic World
o Dillinger's office and Flynn's Arcade
o The Game Grid
o Power Cave
o The Electronic World
o I/O tower designs
o Yori's apartment
o Triple I models
• Storyboarding (existing release)
o The storyboarding process
o Moebius miscellaneous storyboarding artwork text card
o Creation of TRON main title - Moebius storyboards
o Early storyboard artwork text card
o Storyboard to film comparison:
• Intro
• Lightcycle chase storyboard
• Lightcycle chase final film
• Galleries
o Development: Early concept art and background concepts
o Publicity
o Design
o Storyboarding


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