Erste Infos zu einer neuen High-End Lautsprecherserie von Monitor Audio

(1. Januar 2007 - LM)

Elegant, wohlklingend und preisgünstig: die Gold Signature Serie stellt Monitor Audios aktuelle Top-Linie dar.

Mit der Gold Signature Serie hat Monitor Audio in der audiophilen Oberklasse schon kräftig für Forure gesorgt: zu verhältnismäßig günstigen Preisen (600 - 1500 Euro) bot die bisherige Top-Serie ein herausragendes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis und kombiniert faszinierende Klangeigenschaften mit ansprechender Verarbeitung auf äußerst hohem Niveau. Unser ausführlicher Test eines Gold-Signature 5.0 Systemes endete daher nicht nur äußerst positiv, sondern sogar in einer Festinstallation in einem unserer Teststudios. 

Wie heute bekannt wurde, sind nun erste Details zu einer nochmals darüber positionierten Lautsprecher-Serie in amerikanischen Foren/Newsgroups durchgesickert, über die wir Sie selbstverständlich informieren möchten. Die Informationen sind anscheinend direkt vom amerikanischen Distributor, so dass man hier von verlässlichen Aussagen ausgehen kann. 

Die neue Serie wird der Namensphilosophie (Bronze Reference, Silver RS, Gold Signature) treu bleiben, und den Beinamen "Platinum" tragen. Als grobes, erstes Erscheinungsdatum wird der May 2007 genannt. 3 verschiedene Modelle (zuzüglich Ständer) werden namentlich bereits bestätigt und sogar preislich schon fixiert:

Platinum 300: $8,995.00 Pair
Platinum 100: $4,295.00 Pair
Platinum 350C: $4,295.00 Each
Platinum 100 Stand: $695.00 Pair
Platinum PLC Stand: $495.00 Each

Farbvarianten: Echtholzfurnier Santos Rosewood und Ebenholz

weitergehende technische Informationen können Sie direkt der englischsprachigen Newsmeldung des amerikanischen Importeurs entnehmen - die AREADVD Redaktion freut sich schon heute darauf, dieses vielversprechende Lautsprecher-Ensemble einem Test unterziehen zu dürfen. Schon in Kürze werden wird diesbezüglich mit dem deutschen Vertrieb Kontakt aufnehmen und werden Sie diesbezüglich auf dem Laufendem halten. 

Originaltext der Newsmeldung:

Platinum C-CAM® Ribbon Tweeter

Our ribbon design uses an ultra-thin enforced sandwich of C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum Magnesium) alloy suspended in a powerful transverse magnetic field of high-energy NeFeB rare earth magnets. The ribbon serves as both voice coil and radiating diaphragm, with every part of the ribbon driven directly and simultaneously without energy storage. This means the Platinum ribbon tweeter provides very fast transient response and is able to start and stop in an instant, perfectly reproducing the leading edge and natural decay of complex musical sounds and their harmonics. The ribbon is capable of ultra-wide bandwidth with a useable frequency response to 100 KHz and is more than capable of producing sounds and all harmonics found in today’s hi-def wide-band formats, such as DVD audio, SACD, Blue Ray, and HD-DVD.

Platinum RDT® (Rigid Diaphragm Technology) Mid-range and Bass Drivers

A core of honeycomb Nomex® material is sandwiched between ultra-thin skins of C-CAM alloy. These skins are only 40uM thick or less than half the thickness of human hair. Platinum RDT cones are approximately 150 times more rigid than conventional, single-layer aluminum alloy cones. The hexagonal honeycomb core is the most effective shape to maintain structural rigidity when used in a bonded laminate composition, being ultimately more rigid than a solid structure and possessing a fraction of the overall mass. The aim is to reduce mass and increase cone stiffness so the cone works as a lightning-fast piston. The new concave cone geometry, refined by FEA analysis, provides smooth frequency response and eliminates high frequency break up. Other applications of similar composite construction techniques are used in high-performance aerospace and automobile racing applications such as, fighter jet flooring to Formula One racing components. RDT is a unique design, developed specifically by Monitor Audio for the Platinum range.

Platinum ARC® (Anti-Resonance Composite)

The front baffles, mid-range enclosures, and plinths of Platinum loudspeakers are made of a cast Anti-Resonance Composite material. ARC is a cast thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally damped components. This type of material is used in high-tech automotive applications and is ideal for high-end acoustic applications where ultimate structural rigidity and vibration damping is required.

Platinum TLE® (Tapered Line Enclosure)

A special tapered parabolic shaped enclosure with a cast ARC front baffle is designed to prevent standing waves and modal resonance. The enclosure’s tapered shape, together with the use of graduated damping materials, serves to attenuate upper-range frequencies. All cabinets are built using multiple laminations of wood veneers and shaped to form a rigid one-piece shell, which provides extreme rigidity. Internal enclosure walls are non-parallel to prevent standing waves. A unique ‘pin-hole’ internal bracing structure provides additional cabinet integrity. Steel bolts tie front and back panels to this ‘pin-hole’ structure to further enhance cabinet bracing. Finally, Bitumastic damping material is applied to all internal cabinet walls to provide a further level of resonance damping.

Platinum HiVe2® (High-Velocity) Ports

Platinum loudspeakers feature new HiVe2 port technology that uses a straight rifled design to accelerate airflow and reduce turbulence. HiVe2 ports have the ability to move air in and out much more quickly than conventional ports, resulting in fast and powerful bass with superior transient response.

Platinum Terminal Panels and Alloy Spiked Feet

Platinum loudspeaker terminal panels are finely machined and plated with pure platinum, providing the best possible contact reliability for cable connections. The terminals feature accurate Micrometer adjustment and are suitable for heavy-duty cables with spade, 4mm plug, or bare wire connection of all types. Machined alloy adjustable spiked feet are used on the PL300, and PL100/ PL350C floor-stands. The feet are meticulously machined from high-grade alloy and anodized to exacting quality standards. Solid ‘bullet’ spikes are also hand machined from hi-tensile steel and chrome plated to a mirror finish. For hard or solid wood flooring, a non-slip rubber pad is integrated into the foot design.


Our renowned C-CAM® (Ceramic Coated Aluminum Magnesium) alloy is an innovative material that exhibits ideal mechanical properties for use in high performance loudspeaker cones and diaphragms. C-CAM is extremely rigid and light, resulting in accurate sound reproduction and high overall efficiency. The C-CAM material is utilized in the construction of Platinum ribbon tweeters and RDT mid-range and bass driver cones.

Strathspey Leather Front Baffles

The front baffles on Platinum loudspeakers are hand-upholstered using Strathspey leather. Strathspey is the best quality natural leather available and is used in exotic furniture, automotive, and marine applications for the most quintessential British products. Strathspey adds a warm, tactile feel and provides a traditional, high-quality furniture appearance, allowing Platinum speakers to blend easily into any décor.

Piano Lacquer Santos Rosewood and Ebony Wood Finish Options

Platinum loudspeakers are available in hand-selected, piano lacquer Santos Rosewood or Ebony wood veneers. The wood veneer is hand-applied using traditional furniture techniques, ensuring precise grain matching and no joint visibility. Then, eleven layers of clear gloss piano lacquer are applied.

The Models

Platinum 100

The PL100 is a compact two-way loudspeaker featuring one 6.5-inch RDT bass-mid driver and a C-CAM ribbon tweeter. The PL100 produces superior bass definition and articulate mid-range akin to the most accurate studio monitors. The extraordinary PL100 has the ability to reach bass frequencies previously unattainable in such a diminutive package. PL100 dimensions: 14¾ x 8 x 11½ inches (HxWxD) Optional, dedicated floor stands are available which can be bolted directly to the PL100 cabinet for increased stability and performance. The PL100 stand allows an increased level of tilt to enable optimum set up and positioning. The PL100 Stand is 24-inches tall.

Platinum 300

The PL300 is a three-way floor-standing loudspeaker featuring two 8-inch RDT bass drivers, one 4” RDT mid-range driver, and a C-CAM ribbon tweeter. The PL300 is a true wide-bandwidth speaker system and is able to cover an astonishing frequency spectrum from 28Hz—100 KHz. The RDT mid-range driver is dedicated to producing frequencies between 550Hz and 4 KHz with extreme ease and clarity, thanks to its ultra-light RDT cone. A special, bullet-shaped ARC mid-range enclosure provides an inert and well-damped chamber that is designed to prevent standing waves. PL300’s crossover is mounted in the cast ARC plinth to eliminate magnetic interference and provide acoustic de-coupling from the speaker itself. The ARC plinth also houses the bi-wire speaker terminals and provides convenient floor-level access. PL300 dimensions: 43¼ x 11½ x 14¾ inches (HxWxD)

Platinum 350 Center

The PL350C is a 3-way, four-driver center channel speaker featuring the same driver compliment as the Platinum 300 Floorstanding Loudspeaker. The PL350C has the ability to reproduce frequencies from 32Hz—100 KHz, making it one of the widest bandwidth center speakers available. Like the PL300, the PL350C’s RDT mid-range driver operates in its own ARC mid-range enclosure. Neutral tonal balance and sound that is clear from any kind of distortion or resonance makes it perfect for reproducing crystal clear dialogue.

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